First Interactive Trading is a consumer goods trading company based in the United States. Our multidisciplined founders have understood and redefined the trading industry for more than 30 years, and now they’ve brought their expertise to the online sector.


At First Interactive Trading, we work hard to accurately analyze global trends in consumer sales. This enables us to identify and acquire high-quality, high-demand consumer products from a global network of merchants and suppliers. Our full inventory can always be found on our easy-to-navigate and smartly integrated online shop, and all goods are shipped directly from the United States.


We also pay close attention to the goods we bring to market, ensuring they are in compliance with any rules or regulations that are required for their category or specific use. Whenever necessary, we strictly adhere to all obligatory certifications, included FDA, CE, ISO and more.


First Interactive Trading is dedicated to locating and procuring only the very best consumer goods that are in demand right at this moment. If you have any questions, stop by our FAQ page, and check our online shop often to see our latest offerings.